What are we doing?

As part of continually improving of our forecasting, we are introducing a new set of weather data to underpin the forecasts on our website and mobile apps. For a limited time, you can choose to receive the new data and provide feedback to us. 

Why are we making changes?   

We want to provide the most accurate and useful forecasts to help people be prepared for the weather and stay safe.  

What are the benefits?

The main benefits are improvements to:  

  • Temperature forecasts  
  • How we display the likelihood of rain, hail and snow  
  • The time period the weather symbols apply to.   

Will the forecasts look different?

Most users won’t notice any difference. We aren’t changing the visual appearance of our forecasts, but the new data will affect some of the details seen in the forecast tables on our website and app forecasts.  

For example, the current weather symbols on our website and app forecasts represent the most likely expected weather at the start of the hour. In this trial they represent the most likely expected weather for the whole hour.


Weather symbols in a forecast table