PWSCG Consultation Plan

It is crucial that the services and products that are delivered through the Public Weather Service remain relevant, fit for purpose and meet the needs of the range of customers using them. The PWSCG Secretariat has a role to ensure that the services being delivered and paid for by Government provide the greatest possible benefit to the general public and responder community. In order to assist the PWSCG in making robust and informed decisions on the required services as part of the PWS, the Secretariat manages a consultation plan that sets out the key areas where further evidence gathering may be required. The Met Office will also gather customer requirements in order to inform the development of PWS services. The Met Office and the PWSCG will work closely together on consultation in order to avoid duplication.

The results of any consultation and evidence gathering will inform the decision making process. They may equally indicate that no change or action is required as well as where changes or improvements would provide a demonstrable benefit. All decisions will need to consider not just whether there is a requirement, but whether a useful solution can be provided at an affordable cost within the available budget.

This plan sets out the proposals for consultation and evidence gathering for the current financial year 2018/19 as well as longer term subjects for consultation up until FY 2019/20 to align with the current Customer Supplier Agreement (CSA) timeframe. The Plan will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Please take a look at the full PWSCG Consultation Plan for 2018/19.

Open consultations and the outcomes of consultations detailed in this plan can be found in the Current Consultations.

Details and outcomes of consultation work carried out before 31 March 2016  can be found in the Past PWSCG Consultations