Observations research and development scientists


  • Dr Joelle Buxmann

    Joelle specialises in remote sensing of aerosols and trace gases including water vapour and ozone.

  • Dr Zhihong Li

    Zhihong works on data assimilation methods for 1.5 km resolution NWP-based nowcasting systems.

  • Dr Fiona Carse

    Fiona works as a marine observations specialist, improving the Met Office's access to oceanographic and meteorological measurements from new and existing observing networks.

  • Matthew Clark

    Matt has worked as an observations scientist since 2005, working in the field of surface sensor research and development.

  • Dr Dave Jones

    Dave leads the Applied Weather Science group.

  • Dawn Harrison

    Dawn works on the development and improvement of weather radar products with a particular interest in precipitation estimation.

  • Dr Sharon Jewell

    Sharon joined the Met Office in 2012 and works as a radar scientist in the radar products team.

  • Dr Jonathan Jones

    Dr Jonathan Jones is head of Global Navigation Satellite System meteorology research and development work for the Met Office.

  • Malcolm Kitchen

    Observations R&D brings technical change into Operational Observations Networks. Malcolm manages the five teams involved in this strategic area.

  • Darren Lyth

    Darren works on evaluating next-generation surface sensors, with a current emphasis on Present Weather sensors.

  • David Moore

    David Moore works with instrument evaluation, development and suitability for deployment in the surface network. He is responsible for ozone measurements and support for ozonesonde launches at Lerwick.

  • Mike Molyneux

    Mike leads the research and development of Automatic Weather Stations and operational in-situ instruments at the Met Office.

  • Caroline Sandford

    Caroline is a radar research scientist working on the use of processed radar data for quantitative precipitation estimation.

  • Dr Helen Wells

  • Helen is the Met Office lead for Observations R&D