Jill Dixon

Areas of expertise

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Road transport
  • Data analysis
  • Extreme Value Analysis
  • Observation data
  • Climatology

Current activities

Jill is a senior scientific consultant in a team that develops and delivers products and services to help our customers manage the impact of weather and climate on their operations in the UK and overseas.

Jill has over 20 years’ experience of successfully producing high-quality, scientific reports through the application of meteorological knowledge and statistical analysis of climatological data.

Some of the scientific consultancy projects that Jill has been involved with, include:

  • Analysing historical weather data to assist design and planning of major construction projects such as the Channel Tunnel and the Second Severn Crossing
  • Identifying fog-prone areas on major motorways Advising and contributing to The CIBSE Guide (The Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers)
  • Acting as a Met Office representative on former British Standards Institute (BSI) Committees
  • Estimating extreme weather for nuclear power plants Analysing antecedent weather conditions prior to landslips
  • Producing detailed description of global extreme climates for defence purposes
  • Assisting water companies with drought planning and benchmarking extreme events.

Jill's current research focus is for the transport sector, investigating the use of autonomous vehicles in a variety of adverse weather conditions.

Career background

Jill joined the Met Office after graduating with a BSc in Geography from Aberystwyth University and an MSc in ‘Applied Meteorology and Climatology’ from the University of Birmingham.

Jill is a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.