Mostly Weather Podcast

Latest episodes:

In this episode the team discuss microclimates. Presented by Jeff Norwood-Brown with Penny Tranter, Helen Roberts and Catherine Ross.
  In the latest Mostly Weather podcast the team discuss books that convey the beauty, science and sheer savagery of our weather. 

In this episode the team discuss Springtime - what is it, when is it and how do we know it’s here?

As the latest update to the UK Climate Projections (UKCP) are released, the team talk about how we predict future weather and climate using sophisticated computer models and real-world weather data.

Doug McNeall and Ayesha Tandon chat with Matt Palmer to talk about his paper Heat Stored in the Earth System: where does it go?

As Mostly Weather returns, Clare Nasir unpicks details of the annual State of the UK Climate 2019 report released on 31st July 2020

In this first of a three part series, the panel unpick the meteorological authenticity of four blockbuster movies.

This edition is all about space weather. Penny Tranter talks to Mark Gibbs and Barbara-Anne Curran of the Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre.

In this edition - a fascinating in-depth conversation on global sea level rise; past, present and future with Prof Jonathan Gregory.

Dr Jeff Knight joins the Mostly Weather panel to talk about Sudden Stratospheric Warming.

A lively conversation with the highly passionate founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. We talk clouds on every level of life and in the sky.

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