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How we work

We implement best practice in line with the requirements of the Cabinet Office, focusing on achieving value for money, transparency and ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of suppliers. Our team holds certification from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

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Routes to market

We use a number of methods to purchase goods and services. The approach taken will depend on the contract value, type of product/service, the complexity of the requirement and the duration of the agreement.

  • Government Procurement Card (GPC) - the procurement team and selected key purchasers throughout the organisation hold Government Procurement Visa Cards. A VAT invoice is required for all purchases unless the supplier is VAT-enabled. This is our preferred payment method for purchases under £5,000.
  • Low value purchases (current threshold <£25,000) - a simple purchase order form with terms and conditions printed on the reverse is issued for low value purchases. Suppliers are asked for a quotation (without commitment) prior to order placement. Different conditions apply for services, goods and works.
  • Standard contracts - contracts are set up following either a desktop competition (a number of quotations obtained via e-mail); single supplier tender (only in exceptional circumstances) or a full competitive tender exercise. All tender opportunities are published on the Met Office Opportunities portal.
  • Collaborative supply agreements - the Met Office takes full advantage of government-negotiated collaborative agreements, and places contracts through the Government Procurement Service.
  • Framework agreements - a framework agreement is an arrangement where terms, conditions and often pricing are agreed with a supplier(s) for a set period, which then allows orders to be placed quickly without a full tender being completed. A tender exercise is undertaken to set the Framework up in the first instance.
  • EU Procurement Directives - we observe the requirements of the European Union Procurement Directives for all contracts over a £118,000 estimated budget. Invitations for Expressions of Interest are advertised in the European Journal. All tenders placed in the European Journal are also published on the Met Office Opportunities portal. More information is also available at the OJEC website.

Competitive tendering

It is widely acknowledged in the public sector that the best way to obtain value for money is via competition. We use tendering to establish the quality of products and services, as well as competitive pricing. Ideally four or more companies are invited to compete for a contract. The tender documentation usually comprises of:

  • Terms of reference for public sector tendering and how tenders must be submitted
  • Specification/statement of requirement
  • Pricing document/matrix
  • Conditions of contract
  • Key contacts and addresses

Met Office eTendering Portal

Visit our eTendering Opportunities Portal for details of all Met Office procurement activity.

Once you register your company details on the portal you will be able to:

  • Search for supply opportunities and make expressions of interest
  • Download tender documents instantaneously
  • Preview copies of our standard terms and conditions
  • View a list of our recently awarded contracts

Please use the appropriate link below to access the Portal.

Procurement Strategy and Policy

If you would like further information on how our procurement team approaches purchasing for the Met Office, please read our Environmental and Sustainable Procurement Policy, along with our Met Office Procurement Policy 2019.