UKCP18 key results

UK Climate Projections headline findings

A summary of the most recent climate projections for the UK, including local, regional and global data.

UKCP18 and recent projections for the UK climate

Summary material on the UKCP findings.

Probabilistic and sea level projections

Key results from the probabilistic projections and the sea level projections to 2100 are available as a spreadsheet. The results are for aggregated regions such as countries, administrative regions and river basin regions.

Please see the announcement made on the 24th September 2020 regarding the probabilistic projections in this News Announcement

More detailed maps and graphs

The gridded 25km product and marine projections are also available in more detail.

Climate projections and visualisations in your local area

You can find out more about climate change in your local area in this climate change visualisation tool.

This tool is a collaboration with the BBC. It combines our climate projections and records to visualise climate change in the UK.