An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Earth system and mitigation scientists

  • Chris Jones

    Chris leads research into vegetation and carbon cycle modelling and their interactions with climate.

  • Prof Colin Jones

    Colin heads the joint Met Office/NERC UK Earth System Model (UKESM) project

  • Dr Pete Falloon

    Pete manages a team of scientists who work with and develop integrated models for assessing climate change impacts. The team focuses particularly on climate change, agriculture,  and water resources.

  • Dr Dan Bernie

    Climate change mitigation advice, scenario feasibility, carbon budgets, uncertainty and risk.

  • Eleanor Burke

    Eleanor is a permafrost research scientist. Her interests include land surface processes in the northern high latitude and development and application of tools to explore the permafrost climate feedback.

  • Dr John Caesar

    John works on investigating changing climate extremes using models and observations

  • Mohit Dalvi

    Mohit is the code manager for the UK Chemistry and Aerosols component of the Unified Model.

  • Dr Gerd Folberth

    Gerd works on air quality climate interactions in the HadGEM2 Earth System Model including ecosystem atmosphere chemical exchange processes.

  • Peter Good
  • Dr Steven Hardiman

    Steven works on Stratospheric Processes.

  • Prof Jim Haywood

    Jim is engaged in measurement and modelling aerosols and their impacts on radiation, clouds, visibility and air-quality.

  • Alan Hewitt

    Alan joined the ESMS team as a Scientific Software Engineer

  • Richard Hill

    Richard works on technical aspects of coupled and ocean models, with a particular interest in code performance on supercomputers

  • Dr Ben Johnson

    Ben studies the impact of aerosols on atmospheric radiation and climate using observations and climate models.

  • Spencer Liddicoat

    Spencer works on the terrestrial carbon cycle with a particular interest in the mitigation of climate change.

  • Dr Alistair Manning

    Alistair models the atmospheric dispersion of material using the Met Office's Lagrangian dispersion model NAME (Numerical Atmospheric-dispersion Modelling Environment).

  • Dr Jane Mulcahy

    Jane develops and evaluates the aerosol component UKCA-mode and its interactions within the fully coupled UK Earth System Model (UKESM).

  • Dr Fiona O'Connor

    Fiona is a climate scientist working on atmospheric chemistry, with a particular interest in methane, chemistry-climate interactions, and climate system feedbacks.

  • Dr Alison Redington

    Alison models the atmospheric dispersion of material using the Met Office's Lagrangian dispersion model, NAME (Numerical Atmospheric-dispersion Modelling Environment) and estimates emissions to the atmosphere through inversion modelling.

  • Dr Steve Rumbold

    Steve simulates global sources, sinks and transport of anthropogenic aerosol and investigates the associated impact on air quality and climate.

  • Dr Alistair Sellar

    Alistair leads the scientific development and evaluation of the UK Earth System Model

  • Dr Steven Turnock

Steven studies the interaction of air pollutants with climate, using coupled composition-climate model simulations and observations of atmospheric chemistry and aerosols

  • Dr Yongming Tang

    Yongming works on the UK Earth System Model as configuration manager for the high resolution model UKESM-HI

  • Dr Jeremy Walton

    Jeremy leads the software engineering team for the UK Earth System Model.

  • Dr Stephanie Woodward

    Stephanie's research work involves the development of the mineral dust scheme within the Met Office Unified Model, particularly within the framework of the UK Earth System Model, and the use of the scheme to study dust and its interactions with the atmosphere and the wider earth system.