Viewed from space, the sun shines on the earth globe, with continents represented by data symbols 0 and 1.

Dataset development

Observations for a particular climate variable, such as sea surface temperature, are collected from many different observing systems;, quality checked and brought together to obtain the best possible description of the climate.

Changes in observing systems can have large effects on climate records; we adjust for these changes by removing relative biases between different types of observations, and work internationally for maintenance and improvement of the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS).

Observations are mapped and analysed, and uncertainties in the data are estimated. The resulting datasets are used in many applications, both inside the Met Office and externally.

Our data are peer reviewed and freely available to download for those engaged in non-commercial activities, from the HadObs website.

Key aims

  • Development of observational datasets, covering the ocean, land and atmosphere.

  • Quality control and removal of biases from observational data.

  • Make data available to others and support their use.

Current activities

Our datasets and projects include: