Viewed from space, the sun shines on the earth globe, with continents represented by data symbols 0 and 1.

Met Office Weather DataHub

We are continuing along our data-transformation journey, making our operational data directly available, more useable and useful to users.

Met Office Weather DataHub service offers access to detailed and customisable weather data.  This API data channel will ultimately become the single point of access for all Met Office Public Task weather data, replacing both Met Office DataPoint and our Wholesale Data Services.

Available data

Met Office Weather DataHub continues to evolve with new data and map overlays regularly being added. At present available data includes: 

Atmospheric Model data via API using GRIB2:

  • Global deterministic 10km
  • UK deterministic 2km (standard lat-long projection)
  • Met Office Global Ensemble Prediction System (MOGREPS-G)  20km (global ensemble - probabilistic)
  • MOGREPS-UK 2km (UK ensemble - probabilistic)

We have a number of pricing plans available, including a free plan where users can download up to 1GB of free data per month. Find out more about our Atmospheric Model data pricing plans here.

Our site-specific forecast product provides access to Met Office Global Spot Data:

  • Global daily spot data
  • Global 3 hourly spot data
  • Global hourly spot data

We have a number of pricing plans available, including a free plan (up to 360 calls per day per API).  Find out more about our site-specific / spot data pricing plans here.


Map images

Map images extracted from the global model are now available to download by time step and model run for:

  • Temperature at surface
  • Precipitation rate
  • Total cloud cover
  • Pressure reduced to mean sea level  

This new service is currently free due to the restricted parameter availability. Future releases will enhance the service through the inclusion of additional layers, higher download limits and extra functionality. These enhancements will be available via a fee based service.

Find out about map images pricing here 


If you have questions on the Met Office Weather DataHub service please consult our FAQ's page. You can also  contact us directly if your query is not covered.  


Current plans for data services development

An up to date roadmap accurately reflecting service development plans for future data releases onto Met Office Weather DataHub is currently being developed - as soon as this is available for release this page will be updated.


Met Office Weather DataHub updates newsletter

We have a newsletter to inform all registered users of the service of key updates.

Past issues of this can be viewed below:

Issue 1 (August 2020)

Issue 2 (May 2021)

Issue 3 (November 2021)

If you are not a Met Office Weather DataHub user yet, but would like to be added to the distribution list to receive the updates newsletter, please contact us and let us know.


Met Office DataPoint closure

This marks the first step in replacing the existing Met Office DataPoint service.  A formal switch off date is yet to be agreed. Users will be notified well in advance.