How to access the Hazard Manager service

Who can access Hazard Manager?

Anyone who works for a Category 1 or Category 2 organisation (as defined in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004) can access Hazard Manager. However, some of the services available through this portal will be restricted to approved users. For example, FireMet and CHEMET are only available for subscribed users.

Hazard Manager 

How do I create an account for Hazard Manager?

If you have not accessed Hazard Manager before you will first need to register. Select ‘Create a Met Office account’ and enter your work email address into the box to receive a verification code. Once you have entered the verification code you will then need to complete some additional details in order to set up your account.

​To log in (once registered)

Once you have created your account for Hazard Manager, the next time you log-in you will just need to enter your work email and password.

Hazard Manager technical specifications

Hazard Manager is designed to run on all commonly used modern browsers and hardware. Whilst the Met Office has tested this application extensively, it is not possible to test on all combinations of hardware and software and we must therefore rely on the user to ensure that any issues with the application are not as a result of local hardware, software or communication issues.

The Met Office will continue to develop Hazard Manager, adding new features and ensuring that the application remains current and aligned to the following browser support standards.

The Met Office Hazard Manager web application has been developed to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) AA Accessibility standards. An Accessibility Statement is available to view within the application.

We have tested our web application using the browsers given in the list below.

Support definitions

  • All content MUST be readable and usable, and all functionality MUST work
  • Variations to presentation of content MUST be minimised
  • Where CSS layout is used, the CSS MUST be rendered by supported web browsers, so that a fully-styled version of the page is presented to the user

Supported browsers

  • Chrome (latest two versions) on Android
  • Safari (latest two versions) on iOS
  • Chrome (latest two versions) on Windows 10
  • Firefox (latest two versions) on Windows 10
  • Safari (latest two versions) on macOS

Note: Hazard Manager may work on other browsers, but these are not officially supported. We do not support Beta versions of any web browser.