Strathclyde weather

Strathclyde weather forecast


Dry at first Wednesday. Cloudier and windier with rain later.

This Evening and Tonight:

It will be a cold and dry evening and night with lengthy clear spells. Light winds for most and a widespread hard frost. Freezing fog patches developing. Winds strengthen later for Argyll and Bute. Minimum temperature -2 °C.


A frosty start for many with freezing fog patches slow to clear. Cloud and wind increase through the day. Rain and hill snow spread into the west in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 3 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

A very windy, unsettled period with gales and occasionally heavy rain. Some hill snow on Thursday. Rain and cloud more sporadic on Friday. Rain sweeps northeast across Scotland on Saturday.


UK long range weather forecast

This period is likely to often be unsettled with areas of low pressure tracking northeastwards close to or over the UK. This means bands of rain moving in from the west or southwest, interspersed with brighter showery conditions. As such, the wettest weather is likely to be across western high ground, though all parts could see some heavy rain at times. There is a greater than normal likelihood of periods of very windy weather too. Potential for a drier spell of weather to develop for a time around mid-month, particularly in the south, with frost and fog more prevalent. Overall, a relatively mild period for the UK, with above average temperatures more likely than not, especially so in the south and west.


Most likely to be unsettled with further bands of rain crossing the UK with brighter conditions and showers in between. The wettest and windiest conditions are most likely in the west and northwest. The chance of a colder spell of weather, with hazard such as snow and ice, does increase later in December and into the New Year period. However, conditions are more likely to remain generally mild and wet.


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